Visit Kent: it’s perfect for you F/W instagram feed


If you’re tired of London, you go to Kent. That’s what the art scene figured. And we all know – where the art scene goes, the fashion scene follows.

One of the trips I recently made and that I wanted to keep for Fall season is to Kent in England. London, Paris, Stockholm – don’t we all get a little worn out by the big cities? At times a gal needs something undiscovered.

What’s great about Kent is the cosy, slightly medieval atmosphere. Nature, art, gardens and heritage. All that among pitt stops like Topshop and shopping galleries with MAC, Benefit Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown stands. But with the beautiful gardens, stately homes and stunning castles you probably won’t even get to the shopping part. Trust me.

My advise to you: get yourself a cosy hotel, bring a wool coat, booties and a Maison Michel hat – the tiny streets and idyllic coffee shops will provide a great location for your British-inspired F/W 16/17 instagram feed.  If, on the other hand, your trip is meant to be a rehab from social media, then lock away your iPhone, get yourself some pulled pork from Pork & Co and make a refreshing trip to Folkestone.

Salty sea air, drinks and don’t forget to visit the The Quarterhouse Creative Foundation where artists of all kind gather to show their work in cute little shops. You might even get to some great vintage shopping.

The thing I probably liked the most about visiting Kent was the boat trip with P&O Ferries. If you’re boarding in Calais, you’re in Dover three glasses of Champagne later. It’s like when Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda went from Manhattan to Long Island by boat. Very Sex & The City! An inexpensive getaway all of us should make.

Love, A

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