The Zara jacket you need right now

colored PU jackets

If there is one thing to be said about Zara, it’s that it always fills out the holes in our wardrobe pretty nicely without breaking the bank. The unspoken rule of course is that you can never wear a Zara dress to a party (no matter how beautiful it is), because you risk the chance of running into at least two other girls wearing the same outfit. But that’s okay, because Zara delivers plenty of great statement pieces every season for us to play with, without feeling guilty for wearing it once or twice because – price, dûh. To me this piece right now is the faux leather jacket in pink, blue and yellow. I love the style, the metallic details, the crop cut, and above all – the fact that this jacket is beautiful when closed with zipper and belt. Most leather jackets contribute better to a silhouette when open. But not this one. Well, okay – the finish isn’t so great when you look very closely and being a PU garment you shouldn’t risk “keeping it on just because it’s fashionable” when it’s 40° because darling, you’ll die. But all that is forgiven for the very fair price of 50,-. The colors are just so wonderful – you have to see it for yourself. Perfect to wear with denim and office blue hues.

jacket BLUE

Zara faux leather jacket in blue | Elizabeth and James mini laser-cut shoulder bag

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