Get ready in 5 minutes straight

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Wether it’s your own fault or (most likely) someone else’s – it often happens in a girl’s life that she has to get ready under 5 minutes. On some occassions you can’t be fashionably late, so here’s the crisis breakdown in only a few simple steps.

The final result we’re going for is perfume and a lot of imagination.
Pull top off, tie your hair in a knot, and freshen up as fast as possible: teeth, wash cloth, deodorant,… in the meanwhile: think (very fast).

Throw on the cleanest top nearby – and put on perfume. This really does the trick. You can look so well put together if your scent is on point.

Reapply the make-up essentials: mascara, a bit of concealer, blush and lipstick. A subtle layer of gloss is such a key element. Even though you’re in a hurry – try your best to not spill any make-up on your fresh top – you can’t delay your departure at this point.

Select a pair of heels (preferably a pair you can run in), and empty your bag on the bed. Repack the essentials in your evening purse: business cards, agenda, pen, cell phone, wallet, keys, perfume tester, the lipstick you’re wearing. Maybe take a jacket, scarf or cardigan with you.

If you really want to look put together throw a pair of special occassion earrings or necklace in your bag, so you can apply them at the first traffic light in the car, if driving. A little bit of diamond shimmer will throw light on your face and is more radiant than any illuminator.

Hair down – maybe a little combing, spray setting… and go.

If arriving late is unavoidable let someone call on your behalf to say you’re on your way, or change in the backseat of the cab. Either way have the air-con on full, as you don’t want to arrive all in sweat.

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