9 rules to dress like Rihanna

Let’s get one thing straight – you can wear anything if your name is Rihanna. Including a fur coat smoked in weed at a major fashion show… with sometimes nothing but a bra under it. How do we, mere mortals, pull of a look so unattainably cool and provocative, without being denied entrance to a public venue? We summed up 9 rules and tips.

Don’t do anything in between
Rihanna either looks like Mrs Potts the talking teapot or someone who’s going to cut your face if you look at her wrong. There is literally no in between. So if you wake up feeling pink and fluffy: do the whole tutu skirt thing – sprinkles and all. If you feel like a villain the day after – great. Dress like a dangerously sexy creature.

rih 1  rih 2  rih 3

“Your ego needs to win it from your pain threshold”

Boring hair is the worst  
If there is something we lost track of, it’s how many times Rihanna changed her manes. “Hair so long that it looked like weave. Then she cut it all off now she look like Eve,” – definitely a line in rap history that embodies Rihanna’s hair rule. Surround yourself with stylists (or very skilful friends), and switch from weave to wig to color session every time you feel like your hair is boring you.

Footwear is a commitment  
When you’re dressing like Rihanna, you are doing everything for the sake of the total picture. You pick a look, get the shoe that goes with it, and worry about the pain later. It’s all about commitment. Your ego just needs to win it from your pain threshold this time.

rih shoes 1  rih shoes 4  rih shoes 3

“You’re saving money for that expensive mink fur.”

You don’t need Harry Winston
You don’t have to splurge on Cartier of Tiffany bangles – Rihanna’s jewellery comes mostly from Claire’s or from her mom’s boutique FAB-U-LUS in Barbados. So stack those rings and bracelets from the 2$ rack – you’re saving money for that expensive mink fur.

Shop at the men’s department
Oversized jackets are an essential piece in Rihanna’s style. Pick out a cool, baggy men’s jacket to give your outfit the right attitude. Jackets are fierce and can be worn over any silhouette or outfit (even a gown). Same goes for shoes: oxfords, creepers – you don’t always need to wear them Giuseppe heels.

rihh 1  rihh 2  rihh 3

“You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks. If you go into a men’s shop and try something, they would look at you like, that’s a bad bitch.”

Who said it had to be natural?
Just like your clothing style, switch your face look from bare face to full Carli Bybel make-up, fake lashes and all. It’s part of the drama! Rihanna swears by MAC eyeliner.

Rihanna was the one to discover the now iconic sweats-with heels look. When she’s on tour, she goes to rehearsal wearing sweats with the heels she’ll wear that night. It became her signature look ever since. You can also consider employing a friend to find cool new t-shirts for your own sweats-with-heels look. At least that’s what the real Rihanna does.

sweats 1  sweats 2  sweats 3

“If you’re wearing a top – don’t wear a bra. If you’re wearing a bra – just wear a bra”.

Drop Vogue – you’re following Middle Eastern girls now
You can copy Rihanna’s exact outfits, or you can find our where she gets all that inspiration. After all, great style is partly doing something different from the rest. Rihanna follows girls from the Middle East on Instagram to give her ideas. She even put one of them in her Bitch Better Have My Money video clip. Find new sorts of inspiration that you can use as an element of your own fashion, don’t just simply copy someone else’s outfit.

Rihanna’s greatest rule
Once you hear this rule, you will notice that it applies to all of Rihanna’s outfits. “If you’re wearing a top – don’t wear a bra. If you’re wearing a bra – just wear a bra”. Simple like that.

last 1  last 2  last 3

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