5 habits for nearly-perfect daily hair

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It’s been said before and I’ll say it again: we want hair that looks like cash money, like the inside of a Saint Laurent bag. Silky, voluminous locks are not so easy to obtain – but here’s what I learned in five quite easy daily steps that get you a little bit closer.

What you put in, you get out

Salmon, avocado and nuts. Your brunch may be your hair saviour. I have one (or a combination) of these foods almost every two days. Sometimes daily – and it shows. I also have 2 Protein World Omega-3 capsules with my coffee in the morning. Gotta work it from the inside, honey.

All you need to know about Shampoo/Conditioner/Oils

I switch up my shampoo every couple of weeks because I can’t commit. Favourites are Oribe, Kérastase and OGX (especially the Brazilian Keratin therapy!). But I too, get a bottle of Pantène from the grocery store from time to time. I rarely use conditioner because I like to keep my hair washing ritual as brief as possible. I only wash the roots and I try to avoid washing the ends with too much shampoo. Once a week I sleep with a homemade oil mask containing organic castor-, olive-, avocado- and jojoba oil. It’s definitely worth ruining the Egyptian cotton bed linnen over when you see the results! I try not to wash my hair too often in general – every two, three days. The last day before a wash I usually use Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive matte dry shampoo – something I’m very committed to.

Not every salon can do

Obviously the most important part is a great hairdresser. Look for people with Great Hair in capital letters and don’t be shy to ask for their salon (and the person who did the job). You don’t need to figure out what haircut works best for you, you just need to find the person who masters the art. Let the professionals do what they are good at. We’re just mere mortals. If you’re from the Belgian coast you can always ask me for a great hairdresser by comment/DM!

Styling requires observation

Salon blow-outs, heat rollers, a good ceramic curling/flat iron are all worth the investment. At least get a girlfriend that knows hair better than you to come over once a week to style your manes. And teach you. Oh and follow Jen Atkin on instagram and snapchat to keep track of all the latest styling trends & tricks. If you follow Posh for fashion, you have to follow Jen for hair.

To weave or not to weave

Unless you can work them personalized wigs like Kylie Jenner or afford a weave (and daily styling) like Beyoncé’s that lasts a two hour concert – stay away from the hair extensions! Even Chris Brown’s bitches got real hair. If you need a little extra, go for a couple of subtle clip-ins for volume and thickness. At the end of the story, hair extentions won’t do much for you except for ruining your natural hair. I get it, the whole Rapunzel hair thing can look very glamorous on instagram but you still have to carry 260 gram of hair on your head all day and God forbid the wind blows in the wrong direction. I would rather live through a nipple slip than a clip-in slip. If you have a photoshoot, acte de présence, night out,… you can go all the way with the fake hair but it’s always better to keep your hair naturally fabulous during the daytime.





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