If there’s something I get SO many questions about, it’s where to buy a good pair of denim jeans. I’m size 38/40 or medium and I love my denim tight and high waisted, so I know the struggle of finding a pair that fits and actually looks good. Usually when a brand or style fits me, I stick to it & buy it in all the colors. These are my ride or dies!



These and these are my all time faves from ASOS. Super high waisted, I like to go a size up because there’s not a lot of stretch. The typical vintage mom jeans to match casual styles. Holds all my bumps & lumps. What I like best about ordering from ASOS is the next day delivery & free returns. Not all online shopping websites offer these conditions!



Another great pair but with more stretch: the Jamie jeans by Topshop! The ‘MOTO’ version has a bunch of rips & comes in all colors. There are my faves in white, blue and black. I stack up on these jeans whenever I’m in London but as they are really true to size (and again, super stretchy) I feel comfortable ordering them online as well. The Jamie jean is nice and high waisted, too.

Good American jeans 

This is my all time fave blue jeans & I think Good American is an amazing brand for denim (not just because Khloé Kardashian’s name is attached to it). I found it easier to order GA via Nordstrom than the original site (see link here). This pair runs a little bit large (you should go a size down) and other pairs are kind of true to size (but rather large). Love the waist, the stretch, how it hugs the booty. Definitely worth the money!

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