The 5 things I love most on Sunday

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Every now and then – once in a blue moon – I happen to be doing absolutely nothing on Sunday and it feels so good. So whenever that is I try to sleep as late as possible. Or at least as long as my dog lets me. Then I get to doing some stuff I never have the time for. This is my top 5:


Actually make breakfast
My favorite Sunday breakfast includes bagels, cappuccino, strawberries and an occasional glass of Champagne (if I didn’t have too much the night before). Then again, there is no such thing as “too much Champagne”.


Read a book 
I loved reading as a child and I still have all the classics like Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne… The book I’m reading right now is My Vie by Ingrid Bergman to brush up my French.


Take baths
Silk bathrobes, perfectly ironed white Egyptian cotton towels, clay face masks and Sisley bath foam make me happy. I love taking baths so much, whenever I book a hotel I make sure there’s a nice bath or no deal. What I don’t like are bath balls. I know everyone loves the sizzling colored bath bombs by Lush and I did try them once… but I feel like it ruins my sparkling clean bath moment… I just really don’t like dry leaves or unidentified materials floating in my water.


Online shopping 
Like I don’t do that during the week, lol. But on Sundays I really take the time! I change the bed sheets, put on body lotion, light a candle or two and indulge in online shopping from my ten-pillows-bed. And everybody needs to leave me alone! Occasionally I have ice cream or Oreo’s dipped in milk while doing it. It’s my strange addiction haha.


Brush out my dog 
Pablo is so fluffy so everything in our house – including my clothes – consists of at least 30% premium Shiba cashmere, haha. Everyone who has a Shiba Inu can relate to this, our dog does not just lose hair – he explodes.


Other neurotic things I enjoy doing on Sunday is re-organizing my kitchen pantries, my fridge, collect my boyfriend’s socks around the house (and fuss about it) and make hard life decisions such as “should I wash this 350,- shirt by myself or bring it to the dry cleaning like I’m supposed to do?”. I also make false promises about going to the gym every morning of the next week and try to like quinoa. All lies, obviously!



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