The ultimate must-haves at Tiffany’s

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Last week I paid a visit to Tiffany & Co in Brussels. A symbol of New York’s dynamic energy, astonishing beauty and incredible craftmanship. We girls immediately link Tiffany’s to Audrey Hepburn or engagement rings. If your man is popping the question – it better come with a blue box.

In my opinion Tiffany has above all else the most gorgeous yellow diamonds, solitaire earrings and iconic bracelets. But what really caught me eye were the shimmering and fluid jewels from the Elsa Peretti collection. In particular the asymmetrical bone cuff in 18k gold. Massive yet very sensuous.

Another thing on my wishlist is definitely another Tiffany & Co icon: the Enchant Primrose Key Pendant. The most gorgeous of all Tiffany keys: platinum with 10 pear-shaped diamonds to mesmerize you with a dazzling light. Tiffany keys are the perfect gift: it represents providing access to something that would otherwise be unattainable. It also symbolises the mystery of being the keeper of a secret; it locks as well as opens. It’s the promise of eternal love. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices! Find more here.

Find my Tiffany favorites below. 


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Shop my wishlist


Elsa Peretti silver split cuff  | Tiffany T smile pendant | Elsa Peretti snake ring | Paloma’s sugar stacks ring | Open Knot Key Pendant 





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 Fluid lipstick in ‘FEELING’

The past week I’ve been testing the Nee Greenery Garden collection which comes with a bronzer/brush duo, 3 cream eyeshadows and 5 fluid lipsticks. I ended up loving the fluid lipsticks so much so I had to make a post about it! Nee never ceases to amaze me when it comes to new make-up that’s actually good for your skin. In the pictures I’m wearing the Twin Blush, the Cream Stay Eyeshadow in CE1 Espresso & all the Shine & Fluid lipsticks.


The perfect blush for natural looks

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First of all, the bronzer side in the Twin Blush is perfect for contouring smaller parts like under the eyebrows, the nose,… as it’s a pretty light and not too shimmery color. Great for subtle bronzing. When you’re on the go – especially in the summer months – and you want a lighter, natural make-up you can just mix the two on a large fluffy brush to add some color to your face. We don’t always need layers and layers of make-up!


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Sultry long-stay eyeshadow

The Cream Stay eyeshadow really surprised me as I usually prefer my eyeshadow as pressed powder (less mess!). Applying these was very easy. I just dabbed a middle eyeshadow brush into the pot, applied some on the middle of my eyelid and smudged it out as I would do with powder eyeshadow. As I said before – so easy. It smudges out nicely and the color is very intense. I went to gym with this on and at the end of the day it was still perfect! That’s quite new for cream eyeshadow, it usually gets in the creases of your eyelid and smudges or droops when you start to sweat. The colors are sultry metallics that are totally up my lane. I think I will wear CE2 Cocoa Sun & CE3 Obsession a lot for nighttime looks, maybe even as an eyeliner. In the pictures I’m wearing CE1 Espresso. They just look so rich and smudge out so pretty! Even if your make-up skills are basic level you’ll manage these easily.

P.S.: They’re also enriched with vitamin A and E that help decrease the depth of wrinkles.


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The lipsticks every girl needs to know about

I kept the best item for last! When these lipsticks came in I thought it were matte lipsticks at first. I’m kind of over the whole matte thing already (The Nyx matte lip creams, the Kylie lip kits,…) so I was thrilled when I discovered these were stay-on glosses! Glosses are my biggest problem in summer. For winter make-up looks I like a velvety, matte-ish lipstick but during warmer months I prefer glosses. The problem with glosses is that they never last and you always have to re-apply. Andddd my hair always gets into the gloss which results in me buying lots of glosses but never wearing them. These Shine & Fluid lipsticks are like a ‘dry gloss’ lipstick. They remain pretty and glistening for at least 4-5 hours and it feels so light that you forget you have something on. So smooth! The lipstick is enriched with mango butter for a nourishing effect so it also tastes delicious. What can I say? 100% date night proof.


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I’m doing a major two-week detox!

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Hi guys! Monday I started a major two-week detox as a little ‘Spring clean’ for my body and to lose a few pounds. When you feel the double chin coming up you know it’s about time. What I’m mainly eating is veggies, fruit, all kinds of fish, turkey and chicken. Nothing else, including seasonings! So thank god I’m not really hungry but still… I feel the sugar & carb cravings more than ever! A little disciple never hurts though. I’m uploading a video this Friday on how I did week one so maybe you can join me on week two! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to stay up to date.

Love, AC

The 5 things I love most on Sunday

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Lingerie & Other Stories 


Every now and then – once in a blue moon – I happen to be doing absolutely nothing on Sunday and it feels so good. So whenever that is I try to sleep as late as possible. Or at least as long as my dog lets me. Then I get to doing some stuff I never have the time for. This is my top 5:


Actually make breakfast
My favorite Sunday breakfast includes bagels, cappuccino, strawberries and an occasional glass of Champagne (if I didn’t have too much the night before). Then again, there is no such thing as “too much Champagne”.


Read a book 
I loved reading as a child and I still have all the classics like Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne… The book I’m reading right now is My Vie by Ingrid Bergman to brush up my French.


Take baths
Silk bathrobes, perfectly ironed white Egyptian cotton towels, clay face masks and Sisley bath foam make me happy. I love taking baths so much, whenever I book a hotel I make sure there’s a nice bath or no deal. What I don’t like are bath balls. I know everyone loves the sizzling colored bath bombs by Lush and I did try them once… but I feel like it ruins my sparkling clean bath moment… I just really don’t like dry leaves or unidentified materials floating in my water.


Online shopping 
Like I don’t do that during the week, lol. But on Sundays I really take the time! I change the bed sheets, put on body lotion, light a candle or two and indulge in online shopping from my ten-pillows-bed. And everybody needs to leave me alone! Occasionally I have ice cream or Oreo’s dipped in milk while doing it. It’s my strange addiction haha.


Brush out my dog 
Pablo is so fluffy so everything in our house – including my clothes – consists of at least 30% premium Shiba cashmere, haha. Everyone who has a Shiba Inu can relate to this, our dog does not just lose hair – he explodes.


Other neurotic things I enjoy doing on Sunday is re-organizing my kitchen pantries, my fridge, collect my boyfriend’s socks around the house (and fuss about it) and make hard life decisions such as “should I wash this 350,- shirt by myself or bring it to the dry cleaning like I’m supposed to do?”. I also make false promises about going to the gym every morning of the next week and try to like quinoa. All lies, obviously!




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Knit 3.1. Phillip Lim | Denim Levi’s Vintage High Rise Skinny jeans | Sneakers Valentino

Switching up my almost uniformal black (and occasionally pink!) outfits for baby blues. I really got into denim lately and I feel like I’m becoming a pro when it comes to picking out good booty jeans! The most flattering jeans right now are the Levi’s mile highs or the Current/elliott Stiletto fit. For me it really has to be high rise though – mommy jeans represent! (I have a dog so I’m basically in that category). Anyways, I tracked the exact items I’m wearing so you can shop them in the links. I really really love this 3.1. Phillip Lim knit as it’s a great basic with a little extra because of the puff sleeves. I also doubted for so long if I should get these Valentino leather band sneakers or the Alexander McQueen ones. I’m glad I got the Valentino’s though. They’re more luxe, and I don’t wear sneakers too often so when I do I like them to be fancy!

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The Cuba pics you haven’t seen on my instagram

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It’s been a Cuba overload lately on instagram. To be completely honest I’m still on Cuban time, even though I’m back for over a week now! I thought I’d share some pics with you that haven’t been posted to social media. I’ll link the bikinis in the snaps below.

I’m also getting into vlogging now. You’ve been telling me forever to keep up a YouTube channel so I’m now posting a weekly video, every Friday! My first vlog is about getting ready with Nee make-up, in just 4 minutes. If you like the video subscribe for more and leave me a comment in the comment section about what kind of videos you’d like to see!


Yellow ASOS bikini top/bottom | Black ASOS bikini top/bottom | KIINI bikini top/bottom 


Ola I’m back

cuba blog

Hi babes! I’m just back from a family vacay to Cuba. I had such a great time, and I really needed to get away from work for a little while. My schedule was killing me! I also got back to a lot of DM’s and questions. I’m such a bad blogger! Maybe it’s because I hate the term blogger so much, haha. But nevertheless, I always read all the messages and comments you write, mostly on instagram. And I try to keep up with posting on the blog, but with very little time and and the burden of being a perfectionist it’s hard to post frequently. I’m providing though! You asked for my stuff to be more personal, so it is! I’m writing more on my life from now on, and I’m open for post submissions so let me know what you want to see or read. I get a lot of questions on vlogs, outfit pics, cosmetics, hair routines,…  (en Nederlands praten op Snapchat, haha) I’m definitely getting through all of the requests. Don’t be shy and let me know on instagram @anahautesociety or snapchat Anastasya-C what you’d like to see. Thank you for following. It’s always nice to hear from you!

P.S.: Instagram has been a Cuba overload, but it was BOMB! Posting unseen selfies and footage here very soon, haha.

P.P.S.: Do you like the new roll lay-out? Much easier to read the latest post and scroll when you’re on a mobile device. Obviously we are always on our mobile devices!

x AC




Maison Michel hat (available at Sketch/Renaissance) | Supertrash Studio two-piece | Louis Vuitton purse | Céline ‘New Audrey’ sunglasses | Gucci slippers

Love a little concrete grey & herringbone print for January, even though I’m looking forward to hotter temperatures (but who isn’t?). When it comes to hair my ‘house rules’ are surprisingly simple. Either it’s a salon blow-out or a hat to cover up the lack of volume (straight hair girl problems!). I have a thing for Maison Michel hats – they’re the perfect style and fit for a chique yet casual look – an exemplary investment piece! My favorite model is ‘Virginie’ – together with ‘Henrietta’ it’s the fashion house’s most popular style. Henrietta has a slightly more relaxed fit, but I prefer Virginie as its feminine shape elevates any outfit with chic attitude.

Grijstinten en visgraatprints zijn de perfecte invulling van een winterse look (hoewel we inmiddels allemaal verlangen naar zomerse temperaturen). Wat mijn ‘hair rules’ in deze weersomstandigheden betreft zijn er maar twee opties: een stevige brushing of een hoed om de bad hair day te compenseren. De hoeden van Maison Michel zijn op dit vlak de beste investering. Ik hou heel erg van het model ‘Virginie’, dat samen met ‘Henrietta’ de twee meest gekende stijlen van het modehuis vormt. Henrietta is de uitgelezen casual hoed, maar met z’n vrouwelijke – iets dramatische – vormen is Virginie voor mij de meest chique afwerking van een simpele outfit. 





Zara faux fur coat | Haute Body Brittany leggings |  Valentino combat boots

You may or may not know this – but it takes very little to make a girl happy when it’s Holiday season. Hot cherry pillows, spiced mulled wine, maybe a pair of Cartier bangles to really bring out the Christmas cheer – and you’re all set. Either way, what you cannot miss is a big fur coat. If PETA really scares the ish out of you – go ahead and make it faux. Anna Wintour once approved it, so it’s polyester put to its best use.

I found my super warm furry coat at Zara, and I’m waiting for the perfect leather skinny’s & black lamb leather gloves to pair it with. With real big Céline sunnies and straight hair – as an attempt to look Parisian with a Hip-Hop reference.


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