Maison Michel hat (available at Sketch/Renaissance) | Supertrash Studio two-piece | Louis Vuitton purse | Céline ‘New Audrey’ sunglasses | Gucci slippers

Love a little concrete grey & herringbone print for January, even though I’m looking forward to hotter temperatures (but who isn’t?). When it comes to hair my ‘house rules’ are surprisingly simple. Either it’s a salon blow-out or a hat to cover up the lack of volume (straight hair girl problems!). I have a thing for Maison Michel hats – they’re the perfect style and fit for a chique yet casual look – an exemplary investment piece! My favorite model is ‘Virginie’ – together with ‘Henrietta’ it’s the fashion house’s most popular style. Henrietta has a slightly more relaxed fit, but I prefer Virginie as its feminine shape elevates any outfit with chic attitude.

Grijstinten en visgraatprints zijn de perfecte invulling van een winterse look (hoewel we inmiddels allemaal verlangen naar zomerse temperaturen). Wat mijn ‘hair rules’ in deze weersomstandigheden betreft zijn er maar twee opties: een stevige brushing of een hoed om de bad hair day te compenseren. De hoeden van Maison Michel zijn op dit vlak de beste investering. Ik hou heel erg van het model ‘Virginie’, dat samen met ‘Henrietta’ de twee meest gekende stijlen van het modehuis vormt. Henrietta is de uitgelezen casual hoed, maar met z’n vrouwelijke – iets dramatische – vormen is Virginie voor mij de meest chique afwerking van een simpele outfit. 





Zara faux fur coat | Haute Body Brittany leggings |  Valentino combat boots

You may or may not know this – but it takes very little to make a girl happy when it’s Holiday season. Hot cherry pillows, spiced mulled wine, maybe a pair of Cartier bangles to really bring out the Christmas cheer – and you’re all set. Either way, what you cannot miss is a big fur coat. If PETA really scares the ish out of you – go ahead and make it faux. Anna Wintour once approved it, so it’s polyester put to its best use.

I found my super warm furry coat at Zara, and I’m waiting for the perfect leather skinny’s & black lamb leather gloves to pair it with. With real big Céline sunnies and straight hair – as an attempt to look Parisian with a Hip-Hop reference.


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It’s been said before and I’ll say it again: we want hair that looks like cash money, like the inside of a Saint Laurent bag. Silky, voluminous locks are not so easy to obtain – but here’s what I learned in five quite easy daily steps that get you a little bit closer.

What you put in, you get out

Salmon, avocado and nuts. Your brunch may be your hair saviour. I have one (or a combination) of these foods almost every two days. Sometimes daily – and it shows. I also have 2 Protein World Omega-3 capsules with my coffee in the morning. Gotta work it from the inside, honey.

All you need to know about Shampoo/Conditioner/Oils

I switch up my shampoo every couple of weeks because I can’t commit. Favourites are Oribe, Kérastase and OGX (especially the Brazilian Keratin therapy!). But I too, get a bottle of Pantène from the grocery store from time to time. I rarely use conditioner because I like to keep my hair washing ritual as brief as possible. I only wash the roots and I try to avoid washing the ends with too much shampoo. Once a week I sleep with a homemade oil mask containing organic castor-, olive-, avocado- and jojoba oil. It’s definitely worth ruining the Egyptian cotton bed linnen over when you see the results! I try not to wash my hair too often in general – every two, three days. The last day before a wash I usually use Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive matte dry shampoo – something I’m very committed to.

Not every salon can do

Obviously the most important part is a great hairdresser. Look for people with Great Hair in capital letters and don’t be shy to ask for their salon (and the person who did the job). You don’t need to figure out what haircut works best for you, you just need to find the person who masters the art. Let the professionals do what they are good at. We’re just mere mortals. If you’re from the Belgian coast you can always ask me for a great hairdresser by comment/DM!

Styling requires observation

Salon blow-outs, heat rollers, a good ceramic curling/flat iron are all worth the investment. At least get a girlfriend that knows hair better than you to come over once a week to style your manes. And teach you. Oh and follow Jen Atkin on instagram and snapchat to keep track of all the latest styling trends & tricks. If you follow Posh for fashion, you have to follow Jen for hair.

To weave or not to weave

Unless you can work them personalized wigs like Kylie Jenner or afford a weave (and daily styling) like Beyoncé’s that lasts a two hour concert – stay away from the hair extensions! Even Chris Brown’s bitches got real hair. If you need a little extra, go for a couple of subtle clip-ins for volume and thickness. At the end of the story, hair extentions won’t do much for you except for ruining your natural hair. I get it, the whole Rapunzel hair thing can look very glamorous on instagram but you still have to carry 260 gram of hair on your head all day and God forbid the wind blows in the wrong direction. I would rather live through a nipple slip than a clip-in slip. If you have a photoshoot, acte de présence, night out,… you can go all the way with the fake hair but it’s always better to keep your hair naturally fabulous during the daytime.


The Midas Touch

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I have never been a great fan of the recently hyped highlighting and contouring, baking,… techniques. Neither do I like the beauty blender! I hear so much positive things about it yet it doesn’t really work for me. Drawing darker and lighter lines and blending them out gives me quite a harsh look. I feel like good ol’ layering and blending  works best and gives the smoothest, most natural result.


I start out with applying a primer to a clean, fresh morning face (Givenchy Mister Smooth primer). Then I apply a covering foundation to face, neck, ears,… (MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30). Both just with fingers! Then I put some concealer (Smashbox Studio Skin 24H waterproof concealer) underneath the eyes in a reverse triangle shape, between the eyebrows, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin,… and blend it out. Favorite bronzer right now is YSL Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones. It’s winter so I need some extra color to my face without looking too tan. This is the perfect bronzer! It’s very smooth and light and doesn’t give you spots or stripes even when applied in a hurry (and ladies, we are always in a hurry). I apply it on the cheekbones, beneath the chin, the sides of the forehead, sides of the nose,… just wherever I feel like I need some more shadow. To finish I add MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Powder in Light to the centre areas of the face to fix the concealer. It’s the best! It looks so smooth, it’s not too dry and it’s slightly pigmented. I don’t like the look of transparent powders (this and too much concealer on a naked eyelid and you look like a dead person!). At times I add some highlighter or blush but it depends on my mood.


When it comes to flawless blending: I’ve been testing the My Make-up Brush Set in ‘The Midas Touch‘ for a couple of months now and it’s such a great solution for blending dummies. So much easier than sponge blenders and brushes. You need zero skill. The round shape and super soft brush hairs blend out concealer, bronzer and highlighter in a way an ordinary brush never could. The tiny brushes are also a gift from heaven when it comes to contouring the nose! So precise. I was very curious how they would work out as the price is so low and the hairs are synthetic. I’ve been splurging on expensive brushes for ages – I always look for quality. But these brushes really are a find. Plus they look gorgeous on my make-up table.

You can get them at or find more on instagram @mymakeupbrushset.


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Zara black turtleneck | Zara longline blazer | ASOS Farleigh mom jeans | Gucci Princetown fur slippers 

All I need this December is black, gold and fur. During Holiday month I live in turtleneck sweaters and bodies. I think they look so chique paired with high waisted jeans or leather trousers. The best way to create an effortless daytime look is with sleek basics & neutral colors. Combine them with timeless pieces and nice materials translated to shoes, bags, maybe a beautiful wool hat or suede gloves. The ultimate splurge this month were the Gucci Princetown fur & leather slippers. So elegant yet so comfy. Love them with a bare ankle – the “Farleigh” jeans model by ASOS is something I will definitely buy in multiple colors as it’s the perfect mom jeans that doesn’t give you a ‘mom ass’. Finishing with a fresh salon blow-out, a moisturizing Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick (in ’91 Séduisante’) and a spicy perfume (my fave for this season is Opium Black by YSL) . It’s the faultless mix to kick in for work & meetings during winter.

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If you’re tired of London, you go to Kent. That’s what the art scene figured. And we all know – where the art scene goes, the fashion scene follows.

One of the trips I recently made and that I wanted to keep for Fall season is to Kent in England. London, Paris, Stockholm – don’t we all get a little worn out by the big cities? At times a gal needs something undiscovered.

What’s great about Kent is the cosy, slightly medieval atmosphere. Nature, art, gardens and heritage. All that among pitt stops like Topshop and shopping galleries with MAC, Benefit Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown stands. But with the beautiful gardens, stately homes and stunning castles you probably won’t even get to the shopping part. Trust me.

My advise to you: get yourself a cosy hotel, bring a wool coat, booties and a Maison Michel hat – the tiny streets and idyllic coffee shops will provide a great location for your British-inspired F/W 16/17 instagram feed.  If, on the other hand, your trip is meant to be a rehab from social media, then lock away your iPhone, get yourself some pulled pork from Pork & Co and make a refreshing trip to Folkestone.

Salty sea air, drinks and don’t forget to visit the The Quarterhouse Creative Foundation where artists of all kind gather to show their work in cute little shops. You might even get to some great vintage shopping.

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The thing I probably liked the most about visiting Kent was the boat trip with P&O Ferries. If you’re boarding in Calais, you’re in Dover three glasses of Champagne later. It’s like when Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda went from Manhattan to Long Island by boat. Very Sex & The City! An inexpensive getaway all of us should make.

Love, A

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